1. Overview

Skateboard is a first of type vehicle in Farm Me.
Help player can move faster than help planting, watering faster
Replacement of holding shift keyboard to run. Now players just press 1 time to use a vehicle or unused.

2. Vehicle information

There are some of vehicle type in Farm Me such as : Shoes, Roller Skate,Skateboard..etc

2.a Usage

  • Equip Vehicle from Player bag’s on character bags UI.
  • Press Shift keyboard or click mouse to use or unused vehicle

2.b Movement speed

  • Speed of vehicle include Heroes speed made a new speed

2.c Energy and Consumption

  • Each vehicles move has their own energy
  • Energy consumption depends player’s distance of movement

2.d Energy Regeneration

  • Each vehicle can self regen energy
  • Can use battery for quick recovery energy

3. Usage

3.a Game condition

  • Vehicle is a condition to join some games such as : Amazing Race, Co-op Race, Climb Bike..etc

3.b Vehicle type

  • Skateboard
  • Running
  • Shoes
  • Motorbike
  • Car
  • Bicycle