1. Building cage

To start Breeding, Farmer find NPC Chris to start building Cage.
  • Building Cage will need neccessary material to build.
  • After done choosing where to build Cage, Farmer need to wait for a mount of time for Cage to finished building.
  • After finished, Farmer can begin to buy Animal Bundle from NPC Chris to raise.

2. Raising animals

Currently, Farmer can raise 2 animals: Chicken and Cow (more animals will be added in the future update). Farmer can find NPC Chris to buy Animal Bundle. When buying Bundle, player will receive a random animals from a various kind of animal. If you're lucky enough, you can get a special version of that animals, along with many different benefit.
  • When receive new animal from NPC Chris, animal will automaticly sent to it's according Cage. Every animals will have a Life Time limit, when it expired animal will dissappeared and leave special items for Farmer.
  • Everyday Farmer have to Feed animal for it to grow till matured. After the animal matured, you can feed it and collect the product.
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1. Building cage
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