Map Forest

This is the Area connect with The Farm, player need to build bridge to get to the Forest

1. Map Forest

  • Add new Area.

  • New Tribes along with their unique Architecture to explore.

  • Add new Carpenter NPC John.

  • Add new Farmer NPC Chris.

  • Wild item will randomly spawn in the Forest, let's start the scavenger hunt !!!

  • All Resources on the map Forest will reset at 00:00:00 UTC +7 everyday.

2. Add new NPC Lily Shop

  • Add 2 new Vegetable seeds: Ginger Seed, Rice Seed.

  • Add 2 new Flower seeds: White Rose Seed, Daisy Seed.

  • Add 3 new Fruit seeds: Apple Seed, Lemon Seed, Watermelon Seed.

  • Add 1 new Food: Omelet.

3. Add new NPC John (Carpenter) material for sale and get ready for Building feature in future update:

  • Wood: 1 Wood = 5 ME (Maximum 200 Woods per day).

  • Stone: 1 Stone = 3 ME (Maximum 200 Stones per day).


  • All resrouce on the Forest map will reset at 00:00:00 UTC everyday.

  • Player can press M to open Minimap Forest.

  • Everyday The Forest will be a time for the god of forest recover. Time recovery will start from 23:45 to 00:00 GMT+7 (15 minutes). Players will not be able to access Forest during this time. If the Forest enters recovery time and there still have players in the Forest, they will be kicked out of the map Forest.

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