The groups are arranged as follows

- By default, the system will arrange the groups based on the order in which they were registered (or randomly).

- Every 100 people will gather into one group. Rank different in each group.

- The leaderboard will be marked from A1 to Z1, if exceeded, they will continue to increase in the order A2-Z2, A3-Z3...., A99-Z99...., A999-Z999...

- Solo leaderboards are reset every six days and 12 hours.

Ranking start from every Wednesday at 8:31 (UTC+7) till 20:30 noon (UTC+7) on Wednesday (the following week). On Tuesday, 08:31 pm - 21:30 pm (UTC+7), rewards will be distributed, as well as registration for the new Ranking.

- For the second phase of Solo ranking, there will be tournament system, ... (coming soon).

Note: Each Ranking has a minimum point need to receive the reward. Otherwise, the reward will not be given."

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