This is the feature that players can create job or find job of other players.

1. Type

Currently in Jobplatform, players can create 2 types of Jobs:

  • Earn ME: Target for this type of Job is to earn more ME.

  • Ranking: Target for this type of Job is reached exact or higher target rank in Ranking.

2. Rule

Only 1 Wallet can employ 1 account in 1 Job.

1 account can only have 1 Job active at a time. Owner and Employee will have the following rule:

For Owner:

  • When creating a new job, the owner will need a small fee FAME$ to Create Job.

  • When create job successfully, the owner have to deposit FAME$ equal amount to Benefit.

  • After Job created, owner can edit Job setting (Free)

  • After Job created, owner can Cancel Job.

  • If owner approved employee's application, owner can't Cancel Job anymore.

  • When create Job successfully, Owner can't login to the game unless the Job is Finished or Canceled.

For Employee:

  • When apply for a Job, Employee will have to pay a Deposit fee equal to 50% of Benefit.

  • After application gets approved, Sub-ID and Sub-Password for account will be provided via Mail.

  • After end of each Job, Result of the Job will be recorded and calculated as your Finish job rate.

(*) If Job already has Application then Job can't be Canceled.

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