📋EVENT Lucky Number

Lucky Number Event has arrived!! Let's go to NPC Tuan Le to test your luck today!! Choose your Number and wait for the Lucky Number of the Round being announced, if you're feelling lucky then let's gooo!

1. Event time

  • Lucky Number Event will be held from 20:00 - 21:00 GMT+7 everyday.

  • Each round will take 15 minutes. Players can choose Number in the first 14 minutes, 1 minute left is when we announce the Lucky Number.

  • Round will repeat until the end of Event Period.

2. Rule

2.1 Choose your Lucky Number

  • First 14 minutes, players can choose your Lucky Number.

  • Players will have 100 Numbers from 00-99 to choose. Me will be used to choose Number.

  • Each Number can place total 5000 ME maximum.

  • Players can choose more than 1 Number.

  • Chosen Number and ME Placed will reset after each Round.

2.2 Result announcement

  • Last 1 minute, Lucky Number of that Round will be announced and distribute rewards.

  • Players must wait for new Round to start choosing Number.

3. Reward

  • If players choose the Lucky Number, the reward of that round will accumulate in Event History.

  • Players can check Event History to check total ME won that can be claimed.

  • Rewards when choose the Lucky Number will be multiplied by 70.

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