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EVENT The rising of the EXP

The rising of the EXP event has finally begin. Let's join the party with CPO Tuan Le to receive many exciting rewards. Complete Daily Mission and earn extra Experience to level up faster.

1. Event time

Event will be held for 7 days. Players can only claim reward during the Event.

Time event start: 00:00:00 21/07/2022

Time event end: 23:59:59 27/07/2022

2. Rule

  • During the Level Up event, players can find NPC CPO Tuan Le to open Level Up Event Board

  • In 7days, if you complete any Daily Quest, it will be counted and you can accumulate total of 63 Daily Quest. Only during the Event time you can accumulate point.

  • When you accumulate enough number of mission completed, you can open Event Board to claim your reward.

  • Each time you complete a Daily Quest, 1 step will light up. When you have enough for mark, you can press Claim to receive reward.

(*) Above NPC CPO Tuan Le will appear a Question Mark "?" If you have Reward available to claim.

3. Reward

Below are the rewards table:

Lunar New Year

1. About

To celebrate Lunar New Year, the Fireworks Event to get Lucky money will be held for three days. Everyday, player can go to NPC Tiger to set off fireworks and then receive lucky money.

Note: Every day player can set off fireworks and receive lucky money once.

2. Reward

Player receive red envelopes with random reward. The reward are listed on the below table.

Note: NFT Ticket can only be redeemed once.

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