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1. What are the requirements to start playing FarmMe today?
You need an account & NFT item (Hero/Land) as an essential items:
- 01 Metamask wallet (connected Aurora Network) & at least 01 Hero & 01 Land per an account
- Note: One account can only select 1 ranking, 1 land, and 1 hero at a time.
- In case a player intentionally attempts to transfer NFT during the contest, you will be removed from the leaderboard until the transfer is reverse back or the ranking ends. Choose carefully which ranking suit you best."
2. How can you make money from Farm Me?
There are 2 main ways to make money at this time:
  1. 1.
    Complete the daily quest and get a lottery ticket (Make a profit when getting tokens, NFT, or good items based on your luck)
  2. 2.
    Participate in top ranking (based on experience, knowledge and hard-working)
3. How can you earn by completing daily quest?
Once you complete all your daily quest, you will be receive one chance on the marketplace to spin the lottery to win a prize. The prize will be:
- Tokens ($NEAR/$FAME/$ME)
- NFT or NFT shard
- In-game items
- Gifts Daily quest is unique for each player and renewed everyday Spend some $ME if you find the quest difficult :) You can spin ticket every Sunday from 20:30. In the future update, you can spin ticket regardless of the time.
4. Does the daily quest still exist if I can't complete it intime?
"You don't have to finish all the quest. No worry & just skip it. Come back tomorrow for a new quest. Good luck!"
5. How to register the Ranking (Play to Earn)?
Please access the link:
Select My account
Select Formation
Select Hero, Land and the ranking type and then submit.
6. How many ranking types are there in the first week?
As of now, there are 2 types of ranking in the 1st week.
- Long Live Farmer
- The Tycoon of $ME At the end, whoever scorce the highest point will be the winner.
7. What's the reward pool for each ranking type? How to calculate the reward pool?
The pool is not fixed and might change weekly and calculated by:
- Based on "play-to-earn" rate from Tokenomics ( $NEAR will be the reward and in the future can be converted to a equivalent value to pay)
- All profit from players activities in that group such as ( selling NFTs, transaction fees, crafting fees, spin ticket from daily quest...) Therefore, total reward pool depends on the community's participation, not in Farm Me team
- Total actualy reward pool for each group stage will be announce to player in advance to select & register ( at the beginging, all ranking types have same amount of reward pool).
8. How are ranking reward calculated?
8.1 Group:
- Each account will be grouped into group states, up to 100 players/group
- Everyone in one group will have the same ranking type.
8.2 Reward Pool
- Each group's ranking total reward pool will be announced before the ranking start.
8.3 How to earn point in ranking
- Each player will use points to consider ranking position (the more points, the higher the rank).
- This point is according to the criteria of each rank. For example
- Top Race - plant trees: plant 1 tree = 1 point
- Top Race earn $ME: get 1 ME = 1 point
- If two players have the same point, whoever reaches that point first will be on top.
8.4 Benefit of ranking: In addition to the high point, there is a multiplier to each rank used to calculate the prize.
- Top 1: 2.5
- Top 2: 2.2
- Top 3: 1.8
- Top 4 to 10: 1.3
- Top 11 to 20: 1.2
- Top 21 to 40: 1.15
- Top 41 to 60: 1.1
- Top 61 to 80: 1.05
- Top 81 to 100: 1.0 (This rate is valid from March 16th, 2022 .If there are any changes we will announce the news 2 weeks in advance)
8.5 How to calculate actual reward amount:
Reward point = Point of Player * Rank's Multiplier Total Reward point = Sum of all player's Reward point that meets the minimum requirement. ( Note: Players won't get the reward if not reach the minimum point as requirement. Because the total reward pool not change, so each player's reward will increase )
Actual reward receive = (Your reward point/ Group total reward point)*Total reward pool
Read it more via Wiki
Note: The higher rank you get, the more reward you get.
8.6 Leaderboard update's frequency
- We will update every 5 minutes untill the ranking end.
9. What about group that don't have enough 100 player?
If the Group is not full of 100 players, ranking will still start with the current number of player. However, the bonus pool will be applied proportionally. For example:
- Pool for the group stage is 100 NEAR
- If there are only 65 players in the group, total reward pool is only 65 NEAR Reward will still calculated like normal to ensure player rights.
10. When does the ranking start and end?
The weekly schedule will be shown in detail below:
- Wed 7:30 PM: the lineup is locked for system to update
- Wed 8:30 PM: the ranking will start (The starting point of all accounts will be the same )
- Wed 8:30 AM (the next week): ranking end and distrubute reward
11. When are the leaderboards available? What is the "estimated earning"?
Leaderboard will be announce as follow:
- Leaderboards will be annouced after 24 hours from the start of the ranking,
- The ""estimated earning"" is the amount calculated by formula in section 8.
- Reward will be distributed after the ranking end.
12. What is the advice for Farm Me's Gamer?
Prepare for yourself: - Account and NFT purchased on - All about Farm Me at or - Great strategy and hard-working. - May the goddess of Luck be with you :) But don't stressed out! Farm Me will bring you many exciting gameplay and unique experience. Don't forget to relax because it's just a game! WITH FARMME, WE'RE ONE!